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4 - 4 Defense


By popular demand, our coaches are now offering a great defensive playbook that can be utilized for both High School & Youth football.  This defensive playbook is an AGGRESSIVE ATTACK DEFENSE!  It's strictly a 4-4 defense.  Features include:

          • Numerous Pass Coverages vs. conventional & spread formations (Both Man & Zone).
          • Pass coverages & reads designed to Stop Flood Plays out of conventional formations as well as Trips.
          • Complete Blitz Package that can Disrupt and Confuse any offense.
          • Coaching Points & Reads for Every Defensive Play.


See a sample below of one of our Defensive Plays




This playbook particularly appropriate for youth football coaches.  It's extremely easy to understand and coach.  Most importantly, it's easy for youth football players to execute effectively!


4-4 Defense Consists of:

  • Defensive Back coaching techniques and rules
  • Various secondary coverages illustrationed vs. many offensive formations - this includes how to react to offensive pre-snap motion
  • Defensive Technique Numbering and alignment notes
  • 28 unique Blitz Plays to run with your front 8
  • Goalline and short yardage defensives includes additional blitz plays
  • 24 Pages of material


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