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Spread, Trips, & Bunch

The coaches at have added an additional service to our customers.  We have assembled an additional collection of football passing plays for those who are seeking a more advanced passing attack featuring 4 Wide Receivers.  This is a more advanced collection of football passing plays appropriate for Quarterbacks & Receivers capable of reading defensive coverages both before and after the snap.  Formations featured include:

  • 4 Wide or Spread
  • Trips
  • Trips Bunch

    Many of the 4 Wide & Trips plays are designed to attack a 2 deep zone.
    All of our Advanced Pass Plays include:

  • Pass Routes for All 4 Receivers
  • Coaching Points Critical to the Play's Success
  • Appropriate Quarterback Reads & Keys

    In addition, we recognize that one potential challege when utilizing 4 Receiver formations involves pass protection.  We understand what is of value to you the coach to make these plays work so we have also included in this package as an added bonus:

  • Pass Protection Rules & Tips for your Line & Backs

    As always, we believe we can offer you great value, and we want to show you just a sample of what you can expect from one of our plays below




    Spread, Trips, & Bunch Offense Consists of:

    • Pass Blocking Rules & Line Calls
    • 25 Plays that can be run from multiple formations and motion
    • 18 Pages of material


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