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Special Teams

Our coaches are now offering a COMPLETE special teams playbook.  Our special teams playbook offers detailed explainations and numerous tips throughout.  We offer special teams ideas for all levels of play.  There are basic ideas for youth football as well as advanced ideas for High School coaches looking for that edge in the most overlooked part of the game... Special Teams!

Special Teams are a critical phase of football which is often overlooked.  Most good football coaches realize that special teams should be considered 1/3 of the game.  As such, don't let this phase slip through the cracks.  Especially with youth coaches, this phase can be overlooked.  When we say one play can make the difference, that one play could be on special teams!

All phases of the special teams are covered:

  • Field Goal / PAT including fakes and fire calls
  • Various Ideas for Kickoff Coverage and Onsides Kicks
  • Various Ideas for Kickoff Return and Onsides Coverage
  • Various Punt Coverages and Fakes
  • Various Punt Returns and Punt Block Ideas

See a sample of one of our Special Teams plays below

Special Teams Playbook Consists of:

  • Field Goal cadence, blocking, fire plays, fakes, and coaching tips
  • Field Goal block plays and coaching tips
  • Multiple Kickoff coverages including sky kicks and onsides
  • Multiple Kickoff Return plays including onsides return
  • Punt Coverage protection, coverage plays, and fakes
  • Punt Return plays as well as block plays
  • 32 Pages of material



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